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My dryer is not drying. Should I buy a new dryer or install a new element?

It's a common idea that if your dryer is not drying, your clothes are still wet, or your dryer is taking 2-3 cycles to dry; it means your heating element needs to be replaced or you need a new dryer. Unfortunately, customers spend a lot of money on a new dryer or have it repaired only to find out the dryer vent is the root cause of the problem. Hiring a professional to inspect, clean, and...

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How to Clean Every Part of Your Dryer, From the Vents to the Drum
Keeping your dryer clean can actually increase your machine's efficiency (no damp, smelly clothes post-cycle!) and even prevent dangerous house fires. That's why it's important to regularly tend to every part of the appliance, including the dryer vent, the metal tube that pushes high-moisture air outside your home. Cleaning...

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Crushed vent hose connection behind the dryer

A crushed vent hose connection behind the dryer can completely restrict the airflow, causing the dryer to take 2-3 cycles to dry. Tip: Replace crushed transition hoses, and leave the dryer pulled out far enough that the new vent tube does not get crushed. Look for these common dryer vent issues.

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Raleigh, Wake Forest, Knightdale moisture building up in the dryer

I just had my vent cleaned and now I have moisture in my dryer.

We receive this question frequently in the summer. Yes, you might have moisture and condensation in the dryer this time of year. It has been very hot and humid the last few weeks. All that hot and humid air is trying its hardest to enter your home. This phenomenon will be more prevalent after your vent is cleaned...

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Dryer Vent Cap causes damage to roof of home

There is a huge misconception that any roof vent cap available is good enough to use as a dryer vent that exits the home on the roof. Not only does Building Code require that a dryer vent termination be free from a screen, but there are several reasons it's a bad idea to have a screen in your vent cap.

A screen in your vent cap will build up lint over time and cause a blockage. This...

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